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Ideas & Nonsense - Page 6

Six Cursed Swords

A small list of cursed swords. Place them in burial chambers, abandoned castles, in the artifact collection of ominous figures…

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Andora, the dying Kingdom

Derelict huts and barren, rotting cornfields, broken weapons and worn out people with battered faces. The constant struggle for survival,…

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The Swampmarshes – Gorgeously Deadly

In the old days, when wishing still helped A wide open bog, dominated by mold and rot. Treacherous brackish marshland…

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Todlings – When darkness screams

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of…

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Nested probabilities or, who needs math when you can program?

This better be brief. Because it's late and I don't feel like doing much thinking anymore. So, I was faced…

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Some crazy midnight thoughts – What do I even want?

As so often, I ask myself the question, which crass idea I am really after. I mean, clearly I want…

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