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A little children story – WC #21

Beware, beware of the kobold out there. Beware, beware, for he is always there. Beware. Part twenty-one of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Excerpt from Fables of Blood, a very popular children’s book in New Slomania, author unknown

Annotation of the translator – Why does this even exist? There are almost no naturally conceived children in Slomania anymore. And why is it still increasing in popularity? Who buys this?

The Bone Kobold

Beware little children of the Kobold dressed in swirly ivory cloth. He is always looking at you from some dark corner or from behind a foggy window. Look out for its sharp teeth and bright smile. If you see it dancing, you need to dance along or you will anger it.
The Bone Kobold comes, when you have broken a bone in your body. As you lie in bed, bandaged leg or arm beside you, you will hear its little tipper tapper as he makes its way from the hall to your room. You will see its shadow elongate on the wall, and you can listen to its bells, from which dozens hang from its bright purple hat.
Pretend to be asleep, for if the Bone Kobold notices that you are not, it will take not only your broken bone away but also the rest of them. But if you snore a bit and keep your eyes closed to the fullest, he will remove your broken, splintered bone and replace it with a shine new one. And when you wake in the morning, nothing will have changed except the bright red scar you will have where your bone once was. And if you are really virtuous, he may place a small present besides your bed. Maybe some coins or a little piece of chocolate.
Back in its lair, an old rotten tree stump, the Bone Kobold will use your splintered bone to decorate its wall and make furniture out of it.


PREV – Worldbuilding Challenge Series – NEXT

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