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Furry Friends – WC #20

There are friends out there, just waiting for you. Some are soft and fluffy, others hard and brittle. Just keep your eyes and mind open. Part twenty of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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The Pet Guide, Beginner Section by Alesa Getski

So you or one of your family member wants to get a friendly happy critter for support, bonding or one of the other more violent purposes. That is an absolutely fantastic idea. There are more than enough furry, scaly or naked buddies out there for everyone. Just make sure to love them with all of your hearth and to study how to best care for them.

Now, there are various kind of animals out there for you to adopt and look after, like dogs, cats and birds. But some of you maybe want to have something more exotic to look after. Here is a list of my favorite weird animals! Though you should be careful, for the more exotic it is, the harder it might be to care for it. Always keep in mind that special critters need special treatment.


Like a small squishy barrel with seven soft arms around the lower half. A big single eye on the top. They came from Ohm, from deep within the ocean but they can thrive outside of it too, assumed you let them soak and sleep in saltwater every day. They are inherently intelligent and can behave as irrational as any other sentient species. But bewar,e that they grow with age. At first they are cute and only as big as your head, but as the years pass, they can expand to the size of a bear or bigger.


Breed in an attempt to combine the ferocious nature of boars with the trainable aspect of normal domesticated pigs. Instead of warmachines, we instead got furry squeaky dogsized pigs who just really love to get their bellies stroked. They are very protective of those they deem family though they can’t really hurt you except some nibbling or calfhitting.


Clouds as big as your torso. As sentient as their bigger brethren. You have to be careful around the, for they are very emotional. They pour down, when they are sad and thunder loudly when angry. Though their lightning is small, it can still hurt you badly.
But if their happy, they are soft and light, fluffy to the touch and very affectionate. Try cuddling with them under a blanket. They are better than any pillow.


The tiny equivalent of a real human automatron made of bone, wood and metal. The skeletal remains of small woodland creatures like squirrels, rats or birds are often used for these. They do not need any nourishment except some graveyard dirt and a new invocation once in a while. They produce no waste, nor make any noise except the clacking and rattling of their tiny bones. They are not very good for petting, but perfect for people with allergies.

And always remember. If you try hard enough, everything can become a pet. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Any animal is just waiting to be your happy buddy.


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