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Bound in dark places – WC #22

For there are some things only reserved for the worst of offenders. Be happy and law abiding or you could take their place. Part twenty-two of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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The Rite of Everlasting, an ancient ritual used by the Priests of Lohm to punish the most heinous of crimes

For those who did things to terrible to write down, there is but one punishment. For we are all things made of air and wind and we all want to go back to this state. It is our innermost wish and our most sought-after desire. So, we sentence those who did the most wrongs by withholding what they hold most dear.

At least five sanctioned members of the order need to be present at the ritual at all time. Take the evildoer and strap him onto a table of dark stone. Light candles made of sheep fat and cense the room by burning Leukocrystals. Recite the eleven songs of the last breath while they are stripped, shaven and cleaned. Heat the bronze metal strips in a bed of coal stocked by the blue flame. The bronze has to have a purity of at least eighty-six percent.

Sedate the offender by using the pollen of the Blemish flower. While waiting for the metal to get hot enough to glow and for the evildoer to fully succumb to the hallucinogenic effect of the flower, recite the twenty-two songs of Garnish.

Afterwards stick the bronze strips to the skin of the offender, one at a time. Always wait for the flesh to stop sizzling, before applying the next one. Go up and downward in a spiraling notion, starting from the middle of the torso. After the first layer is done, recite the prayer of the tormenting earth. After the second layer is done too, take the bronze helmet and heat it, so that the metal goes soft. Put it on the head of the offender and mold it along their facial features, using a blessed hammer.

Hang them up, while singing the hymn of the last bastion. To hang him, use five black rock nails of medium length.
Seal the chamber.
Forget forever.


PREV – Worldbuilding Challenge Series – NEXT

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