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How to be a mortician in Orf – WC #15

Death is the same across all people and societies. But how the dead are passed on is a whole different matter. Part fifteen of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Excerpt from transcript on a Class on the different funerary rituals by Shiwa mortician Theo Logeater. Obscene scribbles and drawings removed before publication.


The build a lot of tombs and crypts. Most are not used except for storing important items that belonged to the dead in live. Burning a body is against the law. All corpses are property of the bone engineering guild upon death and have to immediately be handed over. Most automations made from such remains work till they fall apart. If person is still recognizable after that, they get send back for burial, though this is very seldom the case. (do not like)


Thrown out into the swamps to feed the wildlife and to nurture nature. Sometimes eaten if no other food is available, but this if frowned upon. Death is not a reason to be sad, for it is part of the endless cycle. (Psychotic much?)

The Endless Trainwork

Made, if possible, into cement or another building component (efficient). Bodies are almost always property of the state. Every single citizen gets their own plaque (Name, Occupation, Birth, Death) in the towers of the past.

Glorious Southern Lands

Big festival to see off the dead person. While lots of drinking and eating happens, the deceased gets burned by open fire. Sometimes a pyre, sometimes on a boat or even in and with their own house and belongings. (Seems nice enough)

Wild tribes of Arg

Buried and compressed under the earth in giant mass graves. Expected to turn into gas after a couple hundred years. Then used to fuel their roaring chrome machines. You sometimes drink the gas to commemorate your ancestors and gain their wisdom. (what the…?)

The Cloudsea

Thrown down (figures) after nice get together including family and friends. They tell stories of the deceased and reminiscence of the good they did in their lifetime.


Buried or burned. Most of the time because of the often-violent nature of death, this is not needed, as they individual pieces just decay perfectly on their own. (morticians in slomania need good puzzling skills)

Lustria & Tenebrem

Transferred to the Realm of All-Esion by ritual (what?). Apparently, they open a portal to the cosmological sphere of sense and dump the body in. (truth? seems farfetched)
Afterwards they reminiscence and pray alone or in groups of two or three.


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