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Messengers of the gods – WC #16

Other planes of existence have their own population. Their motives and ideas are maybe far too convoluted for us to understand, but we still may try. Part sixteen of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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From the book “Vasals of the gods” Volume One, Introduction by Zacharia Reifmal

The gods have their own messengers to bring forth their messages. We call them Egos, but they are also known as demons, fiends, nephilim or Ifrit. It is not often, that they bestow their wisdom upon us mortals, for they tend to have their own ideas about existence, reality and the world. They have to rule over their own ground, cities and people with their own rules and laws to follow. Once in a while though it happens. The reasons for such an event are as diverse as the stars on a dark sky.

Egos of Sense

Beings of Light that travel between the luminaries. Burning and bodiless they collect specs of starlight dust to feed the Second One. Their inner core is bright and hot and can never be quenched. They will visit you in your darkest hour, when your are feeling alone and empty, to bestow you with their gift of the cosmos. Never refuse their gift. They are beings of great pride and hold grudges for eternity.

Egos of Death

They trade with the souls of the death, it is told. They harbor them in their giant cities in the land of everlasting twilight. Completely understaffed, most of them abstain from soulhunting in our plane, but if you are really lucky and possess the sense to see things from the other side you might catch one digging through the remains of a fresh corpse. They can be quite possessives of their wares and findings though. Never take what they have declared as their property, even if you deem it unfair and stealing.

Egos of Instinct

Pray you never come across one of them. In a plane where no consciousness resides, things have evolved into ever more dangerous predators. Teeth too big, mouths to wide, and claws to sharp. Sometimes they find their way into our plane. Then they fest upon us, for we are in no way capable of standing up to their ways of killing that were honed in a place where no morality exists. Even the sight of one alone can sometimes be enough to frighten you to death.

Egos of Emotion

Muses of the spirit. They shine in the brightest of colors, so vivid and unatural, that you have to avert your eyes or you might incur permanent depression whenever you are unable to gaze upon them. The greatest artists and musicians all had their own Egos of Emotion to fuel their creativity and states of mind. It is said that your soul burns several degrees brighter and faster when one of them is in your vicinity.

Egos of Nothing

They will offer you deals. You shall never accept any of them. For they always come with a catch much to dire for you to fulfill. Enough is said.

Some other types of Egos:

    • Egos of Aether
    • Egos of Material
  • Egos of Life
  • Egos of Conscience


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