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Dangerous Groups of Importance – WC #14

You stay far away from certain kind of groups or organisations. Let us look at a couple, so you get what I mean. Part fourteen of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Documentation of extremist orfian groups by Edgar Wortz, paragraph 245 to 248

There are some groups out there in our community of self-driven states, that are more dangerous than others. I would even argue, as dangerous as extremist might get to be in this day and age. I advise great caution about encountering these particular few examples. I will discuss them at length on the next few pages. This will be but a short summary.


A subgroup of the living dead. Those that already died once in Andora and were brought back sometimes get their memories and personality back, be it often in different states. We know them as Bygones. Beings that once were and now are again.
But sometimes they come back twisted. Evil if you allow me that overused expression. Those Bygone do seek nothing more than to remove every living being from existence. They grave death like nothing else and seem to be so malicious about it, that they need to give their “gift” as they call it, unto others. Together they meet in long lost crypts and tombs, where they initiate other Bygones with the same notions into the club of the Deathwalkers. Those undead who still walk the earth, bent on bringing death to everywhere they go.


Not a directly coordinated group per se, more of a collective of like-minded individuals who fight for the same principles. Originating in the Trainwork, they signal others of their affiliation to the cause by wearing bright neon colors and donning outlandish hairdos. Some give their clothes an even more garish look through perforating them and gluing on metal spikes.
When more than a handful of Punkpeople come together it is very likely that they stir up some trouble and cause more Punkpeople to show up. This can cascade in a landslide of rebellion, violent behavior and in their language “sticking it to the man”. Small businesses or bypassing individuals are most often spared from their acts. They still are a force to be reckoned with.

Techno Samurai

A group with the utmost capability of danger to all of New Slomania. Their insignia, a bright blue electric flame on grey ground is worn only by a handful of loyal individuals, two dozen at most, while most of their henchman are without authentication. While they are not totally secret by nature, their advanced technology is shrouded in mystery. We are not completely sure that they develop it themselves. Perhaps they have outside sponsors or technicians working for them, that is all too possible. Their ingroup is outfitted with the finest protection armor, powered by gas and resistant to most forms of damage, be it bullets or sword. They are all in some form or other capable of wielding lightning. Sometimes it seems to be coming from their padded gloves, other times from the people themselves. Great care is advised when meeting an individual from the Techno Samurai, for their goals are in essence all about destruction and chaos.


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