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Why not become a slave? – WC #13

Being free is not always the best situation to be in. Lets explore some part of society that is structured differently. Part thirteen of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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The Poor

Content of a pamphlet distributed in front of Bracks Burgers, by the USA, the United Slave Association

Are you tired of being exploited? Are you tired of minimum wages with which you can hardly support yourself, not mentioning sustaining your own home, family or even feeding your pets?

Worry not my friend, for those problems are things of the past if you fill out the little attached formular. Never fear hunger or homelessness again. Get free healthcare as long as you are in a somewhat workable condition. Get married and have a family without having to burden yourself with enormous debt.

Just join the United Slave Association (USA) know and completely for free! Become a bureaucratic slave today. Don’t wait! Our offices are open 24/7 and we are always on the lookout for new members.

But USA, I hear you say, isn’t it bad to be a slave? Why should I give up my current freedom? Isn’t that the highest form of resource that I possess? Giving it up would hurt me in the long run, right?

Haha, you silly fool. Of course not!
Just think about it. What has your freedom brought your in the last few years? Can’t think of anything positive? Well, we neither!
And, if you become a member today, you can except the following benefits starting immediately.

  • Get a safe job, that you can never be fired from! We always have the need for more capable hands. You can look forward to many relaxing environments such as: “Small Cubicle”, “Fast-Food Joint”, “Outside”
  • Get two fulfilling and warm meals a day for free! All the daily nutrition your body needs. You even get one fruit or vegetable as extra bonus!
  • Get married and start a family! This is not optional. But as the saying goes, family is highly fulfilling in itself, right? You even get to choose between three whole potential partners! (Disclaimer: Conceived children immediately become members of the USA on birth)
  • 2 hours of recreational activity! Use our expertly designed playrooms whenever you feel like it! Almost free of charge!
  • Six relaxing hours of sleep in our comfortable dorms. Hit the sack with the good feeling to have really found your place in this world.

What are you waiting for? Join today!

Disclaimer. You immediately forfeit all your earthly belongings and your personal self to the United Slave Association (USA), at the moment of signing this contract. This agreement is valid indefinitely, but can be nullified at once by USA executives if so needed or desired.


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