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Blinking instinct and living metal – WC #31

Are we the only planes? Are there other? And most importantly, can we visit them and make new friends? Part thirty-one of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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This is the last one, friends! Finally!

I still can’t believe I made it trough the whole month without going crazy. While not always on time I put out for every day for thirty-one days. I am pretty proud of myself. Hopefully you can get some inspiration by these posts. Have a good time, folk!

Btw. I am gonna take the whole month of february off after this. See you around in march!

Origin Cosmology

Lecture on a public market place, held by a raving lunatic and recorded by a curious passerby. The name of the madman in question is not known as of this time.

The first thing you have to realize is, that this is not the only valid existence in this reality. There are in fact multiple.
They are not in some distant realm, but they are right here. Exactly where you stand right now. All of them. And this one.

We are only average of all possible states. We are the intersection of common states. Does that make us important? Absolutely not. We are in fact the most boring existences out of everything else.

You know the gods? You read about them? Nice. So they are all real. Like all of them. All six. What? Yeah, I can count, why do you ask? Anyway. They have attributes right? Or not. It is more like they exist of something. The qualities that they brought to reality. To everything.

Like, the third one brought stone and dirt. It brought water and air. You could call it material, right? So that is one side. The material sphere. Yes, you are also standing in it. Partly. Because on the other side, there sits the non-material sphere. I don’t know how it looks like or what it is. But it is there. And you also stand in there with the other leg. So both logs in both spheres. And all the other of course, but come on, focus.

Those things are almost complete opposites. They can’t exists at the same time. So they cancel themselves out. For the most part. And that’s were we come in. The average of that outcome. That’s what this existence is. The average of every sphere for every god. About a dozen or so. I don’t really care how many.

… No and yes. You can indeed go into these spheres. I mean, you don’t even have to go, because you are already kind of there. You are just not in the right… something. You have to walk along the line the thing you want to walk to. Argh. This is complicated. But yes. You can technically do something like going there. Except you don’t walk obviously.

But you shouldn’t. You can be there, but you really shouldn’t. Because your body is made of averages. Not totals. And if you put yourself at a place of one side all at once, your whole self will not like that. It wants to adjust itself to the different levels. Like if you put a plant into sunlight it will grow in the direction of the sun. That is just science. Same with your body. I will slowly modify itself to take on the new stage of whatever sphere you are currently in.

Can you profit of it? Uh, probably? I mean they definitely have their own people there I guess. And cities maybe. So they have to live of something. If you can get your hand on some resources from other planes I believe you would become rich soon. What? Because when those materials come back to this existence, they also want to modify themselves. As they turn themselves into the average, they give off what they have too much off. Just speculation though. Not sure how you would even get somewhere else. Maybe ask a wizard or something.


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