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Machines, Engines and Automatrons – WC #29

Didn’t we already do some technology? No? Yes? Well, anyway, here is a short overview in which countries you will find what. Part twenty-nine of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Technology is distributed in Orf to varying degrees. It is not precisely determined who built the first machine. The Endless Trainworks clearly claim this milestone for themselves, although the tribes of the steppes assert that they were already racing across the prairies with the help of the Gas much earlier. Regardless of what is true, it is clear that the art of engines, automatrons, and gas-gadgets is migrating from the Trainworks and slowly seeping into the surrounding regions.

The Endless Trainwork

Former source of formidable geniuses and inventive engineers. While the country still produces a novelty or two a while, convoluted bureaucracy prevents most progress. However, the advanced factories and conveyor belts provide a steady stream of old novelties, rediscovered and freshly marketed, ready to be exported to all neighboring regions once more.

The Swampmarshes

Mostly made of dirt, grime and murky water, there is still a stark inclination to technology. Most of it is imported or inherited. Their own cities of glass and silver once were machines too, even though they had more sinister purposes at first. Some of the Krotmen, humanoid Frogs and Toads still dominate the engineering field, having all kind of gadgets and trinkets up their sleeves.

New Slomania

Broken Tech, repurposed a dozen times till it doesn‘t even resemble the original product anymore. Most of what they are making is done so for war purposes. They are very good at it. If you want weapons, go there.

Andora, the Dying Kingdom

Has only recently started to get a grasp on the more modern takes, fueled with gas and the sweat of hard working laborers. Still, the most important line of technology stems from the field of bone-engineering. Manufacturing automatrons from old bodies and beings that once were alive. In rituals and almost chemical processes they put new life into old bodies and constructs to work for the gain of the slowly vanishing country.

Steppes of Arg

Praise the Gas as a God from which everything stems. They try to please it by burning it in weird contraptions and astounding overbearing moving vehicles. Driving around and doing something, anything is considered the most important aspect of technology. Stagnation and idleness is considered blasphemy for most tribes.

The Cloudsea

Mostly cut off from the continent down below, they developed their own kind of technology by mixing the woods and metals of the clouds with the inherent magicalness of the upper realms. What comes out are machines and engines that run on wind, physique and constitution. Nothing permanently works without a wizard or astronomer overlooking and powering it. The Cities of the Cloudsea are in permanent struggle to keep enough population on hand to uphold economy and order.

Ohm, The Southern Lands, Lustria & Tenebrem

Gods, magic and mankind rule these countries. Technology is frowned upon or made useless by more convenient options. No engineer will find happiness in these places.


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