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Cool Objects from the Past – WC #28

Sometimes my titles are pretty lame. This is one such occasion. I should have probably called it something else. Part twenty-eight of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Soup Ladle of King Kasius the Second

Currently in the possession of Modius the Third, current heir of the Throne of Andora, sitting on a delicate pedestal in the royal treasury.

A broad heap of iron and wood. Multiple stains from all sorts of liquids. Some light brown, some darkish red, most spotted and dirty. The Ladle is downright filthy, but no amount of washing can remove the grime.
It was used as a battering weapon as often as it was used for handling soup. Multiple stewards and servants fell victim to the battered metal, their head shapes forever ingrained afterwards trough various dents and bumps.

Whenever you scoop liquid with this ladle, shortly after taking it from its source it turns into human blood. It has all the aspects one would expect from blood, but still tastes like the original liquid it was taken from.

Dance Fever Boots discovered by Leo Donogood

Currently presumed lost. Last seen in the hands of a certain infamous neon-clothed underground rebel called Jack Spear shortly before his death.

Thick and sturdy leather. Dark brown with spots of sprinkled color. Probably not purposefully but on accident. Fine caterpillar thread interwoven to form long winded sticky shoelaces. Two small black bowties adorn the rim of the boots on the outside. They smell of feet and sweat and make a satisfying clunk sound when hit together.

Once a willing person put them on their feet, they feel the immediate need to dance. If there is currently no music playing, there will be sound coming from no discernible direction, matching the dance moves of the afflicted person. Anyone wittnesing this act will clap enthusiastically and nod their head in a manner that is deemed “cool” in the regional societal milieu.

Eversight Helmet of Gutman Dunkirk

Used by general Oblong of the army of Rohdrenia under the lanterngod Fachmir in Ohm to wage successful war against their enemies the Ballotfish Zoflir and its followers. Highly seeked by various forces in the underwater nation.

A plain iron helmet, specked with rust and thick layers of algae. It has a third opening where a third eye on a human might be. The inside of the helmet is adorned with small, always sharp spikes. Putting it on allows these extensions to pierce the head of the wearer. They are acting as a slow radiating background pain.

While on ones head, the Eversight Helmet allows them to see trough ground, water and air to a distance of about one hundred miles. They can focus on a specific place, being or object in that range and see it clearly as if it where directly before them. It is possible to increase the maximum range, but in the same notion the spikes on the inside will grow larger for a short time, piercing deeper beneath the skin of the head.


PREV – Worldbuilding Challenge Series – NEXT

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