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Beings of Night and Day – WC #23

There are two certain beings of eternal grace in the Lands of Lustria and Tenebrem. Both are equals of different worlds. Part twenty-three of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Overview about the Rulers of Lustria & Tenebrem

Lydia, The Gilded Prophet Princess

The mistress of the day is a ruler with a firm hand. She never sleeps. During dusktime she ponders over the direction the country should take, only supported by her closest advisors. Throughout brighttime though, she sits on her throne, the crown of living fire on her head, decreeing about the people and laws of Lustria. She only uses two hour a day for personal contemplation, deep below the citadel of molten sunlight where she relaxes in giant golden baths and dines alone in enormous halls of stone.

She is revered as smart and fair, though her rulings often are biased towards the clergy or other people belonging to the ecclesia. She is also very capable in combat and military tactics. Alongside her ruling position as an absolute monarch, she also occupies the position of military commander. When she is not in the Molten Citadel, you can find her participating in border disputes or suppressing rebellious forces inside the land. She swings her mace of black iron with the force of a thousand suns on everything that opposes her rule and the god-given laws.

Tamina, The Sallow Prophet Princess

The arbiter of the night is hardly a public figure. She sleeps from Prenight, through Midnight to Postnight. It is an important part of her business as the monarch of Tenebrem, as she tries to gaze into the past and the future respectively by dreaming of destiny and fortune. Several blind servants are always on her bedside, ready to write down anything she mumbles in her dreamstate.

Only at the time of Dimnight, so a quarter of the whole day in the land of utter darkness she undertakes the very few Government activities to which she is entitled to. With her Moving Palace walking slowly through the land of Tenebrem, she tries to support the people with food and the wisdom of her dreams. To be clear, she does not intervene on her behave or forcefully in any way. Only those who willingly come up to the palace on legs and express their desires are actively assisted. No one is allowed to meet her though. She always resides behind her veil of gossamer silk, only allowing potential visitors to see the faint outline and shadow of her being. Those who catch a glimpse of her may die on the spot.


PREV – Worldbuilding Challenge Series – NEXT

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