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Getting famous and popular three easy steps – WC #10

Trends. This was a tough one. What goes on in the current fashion world? Let us take a quick look. Part ten of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Deep down in the U-Work of the Endless Trainwork, there are starting to pop up all kind of trends which would be frowned upon on the upper levels. Nicknames for example. Normally you would only be called upon by your real surname. Everything else would be impolite and inefficient. Nowadays, people are calling themselves things like “Neodancer”, “Blueflower” or “Goatbutt”.
They also wear bright colors instead of the three shades of gray and four shades of black and white that are common above ground. You see all sorts of neon-greens and pastel-pinks. The worst of all though are the abbreviations. Everyone thinks its cool to talk in slang and cut off words. The Trainwork is just called The Works. The people who work diligently are unfairly named. “Bobs and Jills”. No part of the language is save from horrible mutilation.

Across Orf, you will find, that many young people are keen to move out early of their parents homes. It is an increasing trend to just up and leave not only ones homes, but even the region and often country of birth. These youngsters speak of grand adventures to have and wonders to experience. They name themselves adventurers and travel the whole continent. They want to live in the moment and make a name for themselves. No one is sure, how this trend came to be or what changed in the last years, that this became common. Even some older folk now seem open to the idea of traveling and the so called “adventuring”. When asked most of them speak of “finding meaning in live, other than the boring old homes and villages, they already know of.”

Quick List

  • In New Slomania fighting mazes started to prop up in multiple cities. It is a simple competition, during which all participants must fight their way through a trap-armored maze. They are all managed under the banner of one corporation and the contestants can be watched from high above by paying Spectators.
  • In Andora, the wealthy and noble get piercings made of the bones of their ancestors. The more you have, the more you show respect to your family lines.
  • Abstaining from the color of green is a becoming a sign of strength throughout the Swampmarshes. The more garish the color of your clothes the stronger you have to be for it will give you no Camouflage in the outside plant hell.
  • Scars are fashionable throughout the merchant caste of Orf. If you have some, that means you fought to protect your wares. Some traders go as far as deliberately cutting their face to get better deals from others.


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