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Sing and dance the night away – WC #9

Music is magical. Some parts of it more than others. Musicians and Magicians share a lot of letters. Part nine of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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There is ancient power in sound. From rituals to chanting, from magic words to spell scrolls, words always held more meaning than just their pure ideas and meaning. Now take those same words who always held some sort of force behind them and underlay some sick ass beats.
You get some sick magical tunes, jo.

There are four major musical genres of the new millennium.

Stone Growling

One of growl and barf. Of drumming and hitting. Of Violence and anger. Stone music is played with fury in the hearth. It speaks of the pain of the soul and the real world. Of righteousness and treason.
It breaks open the part of the soul that likes to be wild. The instinct of people goes berserk, when an expert musician strums their instrument in a way an animal would play music. Without constraints.

Gas Synth

Mainly used by the tribes of the Steppes of Arg, but gaining more and more popularity in underground bunkers and hip clubs. It breaks apart your very being by putting you into some hallucinogenic state of wonder and higher presence. Shrills hard sounds with no reverb shock your very bones and break apart your atoms one at a time. It often feels like your hole body is on fire. At the same time you almost can’t control your muscles. You feel like you are dancing even when standing totally still.

Yellow Mellow

You feel like the undead must felt, when their maggotridden corpse gets slowly lowered into the ground. You feel like dying. Like being dead. Soulless. Bodyless. At the same time, those weird riffs and ponder melodies melt your skin and tingle your brainwaves. You get creative. You are creative. You always were. You just needed the right music to notice it. You also want to punch someone. With your feelings. God, you got so many feelings.


Something reminds you of something. You can not place either. You feel old and too young at the same time. Something about being a hero. Its uplifting, but probably not for you. Even though you finally feel like doing important business. To get things going. You laugh, but you don’t know why. Maybe it’s the happy little tunes still laughing into your year. The nice flutes and clear harp in the background. Anyway, it’s neat.


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