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The Behemoth Wars – WC #2

So I decided to do a world-building challenge this month. One post every day. Not big posts but posts. Content. I got inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque.

And yes, I know, I am late to this whole stick. But I am late purposely. Instead of putting this into my busy December schedule, I decided to just wait till January to begin this. And instead of doing it forwards, I am going to do it backwards. So I am gonna start with the 31th and go backwards. Because I just can.

> So lets fucking do this.

The first one is already out there, which got a bit bigger than I wanted. This whole thing will be a series anyway, and I will link each one with the previous and the next:

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Oh boy, this will be easy. I mean in Orf, there is like pure conflict, alright? Lets take New-Slomania for example, it is just a land of constant war. On the other hand, Lustria & Tenebrem are in a permanent stalemate or better, a wobbly peace.
But I guess that is not what this is about. Its about thinking about writing up something new. Not something that is already an integral part of the lore.

So in the Steppes of Arg, where the giant beasts live and walk trough the heatstriken grassland, there is obviously a lot of conflict between the tribes and those mountains of flesh and muscle. In the stories of the people there are records of great wars, where whole communities of different tribes came together to fight off one giant monster. They are often named after the thing that got killed in the end. IF it got killed. A lot of times the big monster actually won in the brutal event that followed. And sometimes it didn’t even notice, that something was attacking it. But we don’t talk about those shameful wars.

Raruda, The Peaceful Giant

A big hunk of muscle and arms. It strode across the land and eat trees and bushes that it picked of the ground. It never bothered anyone. Still, its big size meant it had a monstrous appetite and it devastated the landscape and left a path of destruction and emptiness behind it. So thirteen tribes rode out to take it down. Every single man and woman came back from that attack. The beast never harmed anyone, even while being pelted with gunshots and arrows.

Levios, Tremor of the Sand

A big worm, that bore trough the ground. Ate whole tribes in the middle of the night. Nothing remained of them. Would have eaten trough the whole Steppes, if a little boy didn’t survive one encounter. He then recruited seventeen tribes to fight it off. A lot of people died, but in the end the beast was slain.

Gan, Thing of Water

A beast unheard of before, completely made of water. Wherever it walked, the plants sprouted out of the ground. It also killed any living breathing thing it encountered with malicious intent. Twentythree tribes went out to fight it of. It was unsuccessful. No one came back. Gan is still out there, bringing life to the ground and death to those who walk on it.


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