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Holidays in Orf – WC #1

In keeping with New Year’s Eve and Christmas, I thought about what holidays might be celebrated in Orf. Although many of them might be adapted to local customs, I found the idea of one or more continent-spanning celebrations very appealing.

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Therefore, I now present the following small list, which is not yet one hundred percent certain:

90th Winter – Wiederborn
5th spring – Day of the Fifth
44th summer – Lübelday
54th autumn – Ohmsday

To remind once again:
The year is divided into four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) which last about 90 days each.

90th winter – Wiederborn

The day of the restart. Practically everywhere it is custom to go out in the evening and plant a seed in the soil. Each being should personally bury one and send its wishes for the coming year with it into the ground. The type of plant varies greatly in different countries, but the general consensus is that it should not be a crop, but rather one that is purely ornamental and beautiful.

Afterwards, people usually eat in small groups and commemorate the past year. Both the good and the bad experiences.

5th spring – Day of the Fifth

Often celebrated only by the followers of the Fifth and if, then only in silent devotion. Possibly with a candle on the window sill or a wooden ring over the door.
It marks the time of year that ancient scriptures assume the Last God decided to bring culture and morality over society.

44th Summer – Lübelday

People celebrate the hero Lübel. No one is exactly sure what he actually did, but it must have been something very great after all, otherwise they wouldn’t have dedicated a whole day to him.
For practically everyone, this day is just an excuse to get together in large groups or to hold a big village feast, where they eat and drink until late at night.

54th Autumn – Ohmsday

A national holiday in Ohm, but only a minor holiday in all other countries. It dates the day Ohm was dragged under the sea by the drowned one.

Normally, the 54th autumn is preceded by several rainy days, which accumulate in Ohmsday as heavy showers. Even if in the days before there is only bright sunshine and cloudless sky, on Ohmsday it rains. Always.

Outside of Ohm there is little solid food eaten on that day, but there is a lot of drinking. The downfall of Ohms is celebrated and often a lot of alcohol is poured.

Inside Ohm, people mourn and thank the drowned one with offerings. Not crying on this day is considered an insult to the gods.


Local holidays

These are usually only really respected and celebrated in individual countries.

22nd Autumn – Modius Day
In Andora they celebrate the most likely birthday of the emperor, Modius the Third. Although the birth is not celebrated here directly, because he is not born yet, one celebrates the moment when it should have happened.

Modius feuds
The glorifying feuds in the name of the Emperor of Andora are not so much celebrated as lamented every 10 years on their closing date. Often minor disasters happen on those dates with a similarity to the previous feuds.

78th autumn – Durmen Victory
In the Glorious Southlands, the surrender of New Slomania and the victory over the invading hordes is celebrated on this day. Since the event took place over a thousand years ago and the records of that time have long since decayed, the circumstances of the victory remain obscure. Nevertheless, a lot of wine flows on this day in all provinces, often donated by the local rulers during great festivities.

21st Summer – Summer Solstice
National holiday in Lustria. Here the power of the gilded prophet princess is at its greatest.

21st Winter – Winter Solstice
National holiday in Tenebrem. Here the power of the sallow-grey prophet princess is at its greatest.

1st day of the season – Birtday
In New Slomania, all the incubators are always emptied in one go on the first of the new season, which leads to a large part of the population being born on the same day. This leads to spontaneous festivities breaking out every quarter on the same day. No matter where you are, someone here always has a birthday on these days.

33th Autumn – Labor Day
In the Endless Trainwork, this day of work is praised. On this one day of the year, it is forbidden by law to sleep. Every single hour of the day is used for work.

47th Spring – King morning
Nowhere an official holiday, it is gaining in popularity. More and more often, government officials are assassinated on this day throughout Orf. Why just then remains a mystery to most, but many high-ranking representatives are now viewing the 47th Spring with worry.


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