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Weekly Monday Update #10

Things will change.
This week I was really motivated to do some ttrpg content and that is what I did!
So no work on Froothies was done.
I decided to just make stuff that at the time makes me happy and then post about it, at least once a week, mostly on monday.
So that is going on from now on.

On other notes, later this week I will try to post a new Background for the Bean Engine. Something something wizard, because I realised I don’t have any options for players who want to play a classic wizard with a spell bock and all that jazz.
But as I said, I plan to change that!

Also I wrote a bunch of stuff about what is called the Sacral Plane in my setting. Basically the place where everything dead that had a soul ends up. Also making a drawing with it, though I am not sure it can be finished this week, because I also have a lot of personal stuff starting again. So sadly less time to make hobby content.

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