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Froothies – Devlog #3

Got a small video for you this time.
The week was not as productive as I hoped. I made the inventory work, though without scroll-ability yet.

Also redesigned the whole customer aspect. Instead of a store front, where people will physically come to you to buy smoothies, you operate an online shop instead! Makes it easier on the drawing front, as I don’t have to do lots of different customer faces, bodies and animations for hands and feet and stuff.
So now you have a computer in front of you instead and a box with varying size, meaning sometimes you have to send of up to 3 smoothies at once instead of just a single one, which will give you extra fame, though also a stronger penalty if you can’t manage every single one of them.

You can send them box off without doing all the smoothies of course, but again, you wont get all the money and fame penalty. Once you have gone through all the orders you can advance to the shop section, which will be done at a later time.
As always, animations and making things look nice will come later. Now I am only looking at implementing the bare mechanics. So don’t be too shocked about stuff appear- or disappearing immediately, that will hopefully all be changed to smooth transitioning later in development.

For next week I am looking to start on the planting screen of the game, as well as the bare bones of a main menu if I have enough time.

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