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More about backgrounds

So, here is a small preview of some of the 36 backgrounds that I will soon (around two/three weeks) publish. (also for free.)


11 – Arachnoid Connoisseur

From an early age, you were fascinated by these creatures with their eight legs and eight eyes. Equally fragile and graceful, they weave their nests and poison their prey. Their species are as numerous as the stars.
You always carry some with you. You cultivate them and harvest what they produce. You are in great demand in some circles. Your experience is invaluable.

12 – Ashen Cleric

You inhabit one of the fourteen covenant bridges between Lustria and Tenebrem. Instead of devoting yourself to one side, you worship both the shadow and the light. You are the sacral sign of a crumbling peace. You were born in the penumbra of a pale light and worship the twilight more than anything else.

26 – Ever-glowing Harbinger

The sun is your mother and its rays were your puberty. Your life burns before your eyes and you are ablaze with it. Your passion burns your years from your bones. The searing heat of your core chars every essence of yourself as you release it. You strive to proclaim the message of the sun. Let everyone experience the glory of their own self-ignition.

34 – Coral-infested Submariner

The deep sea has always been your home. Locked in a few tons of steel, crushed and cramped; surrounded by thousands of tons of water. Where no light ever reaches, you must scratch wildly. Your skin is dotted with hard pocks, red and green they shimmer in the light of the flare, reflecting the flakes of dust that float through the darkness at the porthole, interrupted only here and there by a swift shadow or gigantic tentacles.

45 – Sigil-setting Gravedigger

Your activity is highly respected. Especially in poorer regions, where people cannot afford the sacred rites and the dead rise again from their graves, you represent the last resort between being eaten and staying alive. With a silver shovel and a holy seal stamp, you drive the vermin back underground and bring them to their final rest.


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