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Get me some backgrounds!

Hello folks, just a quick peek at the first 6 backgrounds I have drawn for The Bean Engine:

There will be 36 backgrounds in total and of course I will upload the whole thing for free once I am done actually making them and drawing a portrait for everyone single one. That is going to be so much work, but I am sure I can do this in a month or so.

Each background will of course have their own little snippet, equipment and small talent list. Very easy to use in a weird fantasy game. I have currently written up around two thirds of the whole document. After that I only need to translate, do a quick layout and of course, draw ALL those damn portraits. And yes, I know I don’t need to, but I just find it so nice to have some visuals with the persona one takes on, even if it is just my weird scribbles. : D

To be honest, it is pretty fun just trying out all these different brushes and art styles. Never thought drawing would be so much fun!

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