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Where are the beings that made us? – WC #26

That’s a fair question, isn’t it? After all, you wanna know who your parents are. Part twenty-six of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Origin of reality, a book by Alesandra Erhard, currently residing in the sacred section of the Molten Citadel Library

You all probably know the basic origin of our world and the rest of reality. Still, for the sake of completion, I will sum it up once more, without censoring anything.

The First lived in nothingness and was happy with it. They floated through endless darkness, wrapped in eternity. Their appearance evokes melancholy times.
They tries with all available means to bring reality closer to non-existence again.

For the Second, nothingness was too empty. So they created the light and the stars, the darkness and the shadow. They saw the light, smelled the profound gloom, tasted the cosmic dust, heard the stars collide and felt the sparks of existence on their being.

The Third found reality too empty and lonely. So they created the stone and the land and everything that had a cause and a form. They modeled the continents, let rivers and lakes arise and painted the air in the sky. They made trees sprout and nature grow and multiply.

The fourth was lonely, so they created the living beings, creatures and figures that should live for all time for their pleasure. They delighted in their frolicking, in their violence and in their love. Nothing delighted them more than to watch them live out their brief existence before their essence was exhausted and they returned into their arms.

The Fifth and the Last God found life too monotonous and too easy. That is why they gave society, rules and reason to the beings walking the ground, so that they could guide themselves for all times to come. Afterwards they crept down to them to walk there among them and to be eternally equal with them.

But one question, that is still widely discussed is where exactly those immortal beings are located?
Well, if we are going as per the most revered scriptures, the Fifth is pretty easy to locate. It is said to walk among us and as Orf is most certainly the only viable place for it, it has to reside on the continent. Furthermore we can pin their exact location by exterminating all the places it probably isn’t. For example, they probably won’t be dwelling in Lustria or Tenebrem, for they praise a different god. In the same notion, Orf is already gone for there are too many gods and the Steppes and the Swampmarshes are also out of count as those too glorify a different being. The Trainworks are most certainly not their domain, for the Gas is the main drive behind the populace. And if we ignore the Cloudsea, for it is not sure that it actually even exists, we only have three country left to look at. Andora, New Slomania and the Glorious Southern Lands. And if I told you right now, you could choose between those three, well, the choice wouldn’t be too hard, would it?

For the other gods though, locating them is a whole different matter. While we can guess that the Second One resides partly in the moon and the sun, the position of the fourth one is definitely not directly placeable.
Even more, if you go after the sacral writings of the tribes in the south, the Third One is basically everywhere, as the made and at the same time is all of the ground, water and sky.

At least for the First One we can say with certainty that they are not within our reach. Because if they were, we would probably already not existent anymore.


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