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Giant Statues are cool – WC #18

We often try to remember our past. Sometimes it gets muddied and distorted, but it is still part of us. Remembering is important. Part eighteen of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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Excerpt from the lexica “Remnants of the old time. Remembered or forgotten” by Albert Williams

The Towers of the Past

Giant monumental towers that are every changing. Skittish civil servants dash around, updating the plaques of the population. High walls of almost too small writing contain the history of the world and beyond. Every few decades another tower has to be build for time moves on and the old ones always run out of space. To this date there are at least 468 Towers currently standing in the Endless Trainworks. Most of them are concentrated in the Northern Sector under the control of royal clerk Edmund Willsburgh.
Still, some are found far off in different lands and with different languages inscribed onto them. It is currently unknown why or how the practice travelled throughout or who constructed them or why some are discovered to this day of times long past.

Tahalla, Heroin of Dust

In the southern regions of New-Slomania, you will sometimes find the crumbling and run-down statue of Tahalla in the marketplace or around the state’s main administrative building. Her glory days were Eons ago, when Slomania was still one country instead of many tiny city states. She was revered as the one who fought back intruding steppes of Arg, when they were almost at the slomanian capital. She pushed them all the way back to the border of the land where for the rest of her life she made sure to oversee the construction of the great granite wall to stop the advancing desertification. Nowadays her tales is as forgotten and the great wall is beginning to show its advanced deterioration as same as the statues are.

The Crying Disciples

All around the border of the nation of Ohm they erected enormous depictions of the most devote followers of the Drowned Prophet. They appear to be weeping as the engineers from the past installed torrential waterfalls into the eyes of all statues. The water flows down their faces, along specials fold in their cloths and down into the sea. There are about a dozen of these and they are all allocated at the paths that lead into the drowned nation. Every single one is revered alongside the prophet and it is custom to leave an offering as you pass it in the form of a couple of coins or some fresh fruit or meat.

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