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Drinking and eating at taverns – WC #12

Every adventurer is bound to visit a tavern in their time. Food differs a lot in different parts of Orf. Part twelve of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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John the Cook, greatest culinary professional of the new millennium on the standard cuisine of inns and taverns around the continent


Fish. So much fish. Mostly in the form of soup. Water is obviously plentiful in the drowned land. I liked the borscht the most. They always serve hard liquor to whatever they eat. To take the taste out of it, I believe. If you’re lucky there will be a sour algae salad as a side dish or some caviar on sandbread.


Alligator stew with a side of roasted mushrooms. I really loved the oily mussels with stripes of grilled hardoak bark. You should be careful about drinking anything tho. Make sure every drop if water is thoroughly sieved and boiled before ingesting. Only once I made the mistake of not following standard procedure. Only once…


Always get some roasted bonesticks on the table. It’s really addicting to nibble on them, while waiting for your food. Enjoy a thick loaf of blackwheat bread, with some melted blue-veined cheese. As a main dish you really want to try thick slices of honey-glazed ham. If you have a lot of money, I can advise you to at least once try underdead truffles. A true delicacy.

New Slomania

Stay away from all kind of mystery meats. If you don’t know where it came from exactly, just exclude yourself and hide on the toilet. Instead oder a fresh salad of glowfruits sided with cream goat cheese and some curled blood sausage. Afterwards, gorge yourself on glorious dustpudding. It tastes way better than it sounds, I promise.

Steppes of Arg

The one thing you will get basically anywhere is dried gargantuan meat. As the foes the tribes slay are so huge, the amount of meat you get from them is enough to feed a lot of people over a long time. Innards of various kinds are also readily available. Try hearth filet, the next time you have the chance. I never eat filet so tender before. If you are more of a plant based eater though, it might be difficult for you. You will probably rely a lot on rocknuts and prickleberries then.


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