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Those who are shunned – WC #4

Some people are banned from society. Reasons for that are plentyfull. Part four of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by this reddit post from a person named Faranesque:

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There are always certain individuals or groups that are shunned throughout a society. Might it be trough their actions, their words or their heritage. Single mind folk will always find a way to single one out, might it be by the color of ones skin, family or origin.

Burning to death is one way to be ostracized in Andora. As bone and sinew is one of the most important materials and the guild of the bone engineers is always on the lookout for more resources, it quickly became a great shame to be burned to cinders. Even if you get accidentally set on fire it is common that you try everything, not even short of actual death to put yourself out before your demise. In that same context, burning someone elses corpse is also a reason for banishment. Even though it is not outlawed in the public eye it is one of the worst crimes. Because you are willingly taking resources from the community without even a reasonable cause.

In the glorious southern lands, technology is most frowned upon. Even using a crossbow often seems to techy to common folk. Tradition is most important after all.
Even worse are those who actively table in creating these mechanisms and inventions. Engineers and inventors are among one of the most shunned people in the warm regions of the south. It is often enough to even carry books about those subjects or to openly talk about them to get you tared and feathered and throw out of a village, escorted by an angry mob with torches and pitchforks.

The Gasdrinkers voluntarily give up their prior life and their place in their tribe to live alone deep below the Steppes of Arg. No native is allowed to meet them, for it is told, that the truths they gain from communing with the Gas in such an intrinsic way is too much to handle for even the bravest of souls. No, tho the Gasdrinkers are needed, they shall forever live their existence in shame and sorrow, alone and with a broken mind in the soil of the land. Outsiders however are allowed to meet them and more than one curios explorer got more ancient knowledge and fundamental truth than the bargained for. The brain is a weak thing when it comes to elemental material truth.


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