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The Ivory King

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  • The Ivory King is a Kafkaesque RPG Adventure appropriate for a OneShot or two or three Sessions in a Campaign. It’s written without a specific system in mind.

    In the middle of the ocean, near the big travel routes, lies a rocky island. A fine mist hangs over the island at all times and gigantic flocks of birds land there every evening. It’s a place of myth, since nearly every ship that navigates these waters has vanished.

    The few living sailors who visited the place, returned half dead and fully mad. They spoke of a magnificent king in the finest white robe they had ever seen, sitting on a throne made of ivory wood and holding a hoard of enormous pearls.

    Regardless of what is true about this story, the fact stands that ships that attempt to cut short their travel routes through theses mysterious waters are rarely heard from again.

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