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BattleFighter – A Free Fighting Card Game

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  • BattleFighter is a free downloadable and printable card game where two or more players build a deck of different cards and then compete against each other.

    Playable also by Tabletop Simulator under “Battle Fighter” in the Steam Workshop


    Down below are downloads for the instructions in german and english, as well as printable sheets in english!

    You can donate art to complete the cards!

    Just contact me on Twitter, Discord or Reddit via the following links:
    It is ok, if your art doesn’t fit the current theme. Title and flavour text can also be changed to better fit the image you want to provide!
    No wrong submissions here!

    Make your own cards!

    This whole basic card game is released under Creative Commons BY-NC meaning you can make you own cards, as long as you attribute me and don’t sell it for money.

    Also, please notice that the images used in the cards are not licensed along the cards themselves. Those images  still belong to the original artists and can not be used in any other way or form.

    Get it for FREE!