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WHIM Rulebook

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  • WHIM is a quirky role playing game. Romantic phantasy mixed with all kinds of wondrousness and heroism. Inspired by fantastic works like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Neverending Story or Alice in Wonderland, it invites you to explore the bizarre continent of Orf and all its quaint places and inhabitants.

    If you want to test the system first, you can get the Free Basic Rulebook for the WHIM rpg here.

    As a sworn bone knight, civil servant weather mage, former undead or burnt-out psionic, you try to defeat the worst of all enemies. The pointlessness of your own existence. But instead of giving in to despair, you try instead to embed your name in those stories and legends that will hopefully still be read in the distant future.

    The possibilities for this are endless. Conquer the glass Wyrm, steal chromatic porcelain from the thousand-year-old unborn king, dive through acid lakes in golden submarines and wander through endless seas of clouds in search of fallen stars. Wander through drowned nations and face bird princes in a song contest for the last piece of unicorn meat. Drift on gas-powered steeds in a race with prairie warriors as the synthesizers blare in the background.

    The scenery of Orf is absurd, whimsical and in the middle of an unstoppable change. The rural population is migrating more and more away from the countryside towards the cities. Goods are becoming cheaper and mass production is slowly picking up speed. New technologies are being explored. Agriculture can be kept going by fewer and fewer people. Proto-industrialization roars its dust-laden laughter. But not everyone is at the same level of development. Some cultures hold on strictly to old wisdom and traditions, while others are heading straight towards the future in gas-powered trains.

    With its rules, WHIM tries to imitate the flow of the books that served as inspiration. Characters do not die, instead they “fade”. They suffer no damage, they receive “risk”. If they really want to create something, an intuitive system of luck points allows them to gain the upper hand even in the most precarious situations.

    Fights, social disputes and mutual hindrance are all handled with a comparative throw. The one who rolls higher decides the conflict for themselves. There are no unnecessary rolls. No matter what the result is, the action is always driven forward.

    Choose from 36 unique background stories and 11 distinct cultures, each providing talents to create a unique character that can handle the whimsical dangers of Orf.

    Mundane and magical Equipment is a major element for WHIM. For this reason, it features an intuitive slot system for equipment, without the hassle of calculating weight. Each piece of equipment can furthermore be utilized to gain additional bonuses during play.


    The Core Rulebook for WHIM is scheduled to come out LATE 2021

    Currently not available. Sorry