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Worldbuilding Challenge 2021 - Page 2

The south is weird – WC #8

Traditions are differnt in every land. Some are a bit more... eccentric, than others. Part eight of my 2021 Worldbuilding…

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Wonders of ages past – WC #7

Some things are bound to be forgotten in time. Sometimes these are very important. Part seven of my 2021 Worldbuilding…

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The Clerics of the five Gods – WC #6

There are five gods. No more and no less. One is shunned, the others not. Part six of my 2021…

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The many gods of Ohm – WC #5

In Ohm the gods are part of normal society. You do good in respecting that fact. Part five of my…

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Those who are shunned – WC #4

Some people are banned from society. Reasons for that are plentyfull. Part four of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge inspired by…

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Why children are rare – WC #3

What role do the smaller elements of society have in the big picture? Part three of my 2021 Worldbuilding Challenge…

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The Behemoth Wars – WC #2

So I decided to do a world-building challenge this month. One post every day. Not big posts but posts. Content.…

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Holidays in Orf – WC #1

In keeping with New Year's Eve and Christmas, I thought about what holidays might be celebrated in Orf. Although many…

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